The Motorremise

Motorremise is the German word for a garage or depot for motorized vehicles. Our Motorremise is a small private collection of early automobiles and is run by my wife and I. During the last 25 years we have owned and collected several old-timers. My wife supports my hobby and enjoys the summer time rides in historic clothes and veteran cars.

Since the early nineties I have owned several classic cars. In the last years my interest has grown more and more to focus on the field of really old cars. Cars built before the Great War (1914-1918) or younger cars built before the beginning of World War II. Therefore we exchanged our modern postwar cars for cars that are more than100 years old.

The intention of my hobby is not buy restored old cars and to put them in storage. It is more the research of the history of these vehicles and the way how to find them in foreign countries and old barns.

After locating and acquiring such a treasure I spend most of my time in researching the history of this car. Restoring the car to high standard is the second step after finishing the research work. The following two articles will give you a good idea about my hobby and motivation.


1962 Rover 100 restoration (German article Oldtimer Praxis)

1914 American La France Racer restoration (German article Oldtimer Praxis)

I am interested in any kind of contact to prewar car owners and enthusiasts. The internet site is a fine instrument to communicate with people around the globe. The intention of the Motorremise is not to offer a platform for selling veteran cars. Nevertheless, also for smaller collections it is essential to sell, exchange and buy new items occasionally. Therefore, please feel free to contact us if you are interested.

All vehicles are protected with: