1914 Cadillac Landaulet Coupe

General information:

Cadillac was formed in 1902 from the remnants of one of Henry Ford's early car manufacturing ventures, making it the second oldest car company in the United States. Financial backers called in the well-known engineer Henry Leland to assess the value of the defunct Henry Ford Company. Rather than dissolve the company Leland became a partner in a new car making enterprise contributing his design of a sturdy one-cylinder engine to power a new car. The new car company was named after the 17th century explorer credited with founding Detroit.
In 1908 Cadillac became the first American carmaker to win the coveted Dewar Trophy from the Royal Automobile Club of England by demonstrating the interchangeability of components, considered a reliable measure of durability. In 1909 Cadillac became part of General Motors as its premium or prestige division.

The Cadillac Model 30, produced from 1908 to 1914, represented the company's attempt to produce a more modestly priced car that would retain the quality and innovation for which the company had become known. The price started out at $1,400 and it came in a Roadster, Demi-Tonneau and this five-passenger Touring Car. At the beginning it was powered by a trusty 226 cubic-inch L-head four-cylinder engine making 30 horsepower - hence the Model 30 designation. The Cadillac Model 30 was the first car in the world with electric starter and electric light.

At the end of production in year 1914 they enhanced the specification. The engine has a capaity of 6000 ccm and a power rate of 60 H.P.. A 2-speed rear axle was a standard feature. The ratio was 2.5:1 for high-speed and 3.6:1 for traveling in the city. This 2-speed rear axle was only available in 1914. 

The Landaulet Coupe version was price with US$ 2500 and was more expensive than any open version of this model. Only the large limousines were more expensive.

1914 Cadillac notes (Souce: http://www.motorera.com)

  • Introduced July, 1913.
  • Innovations: Production two-speed rear axle.
  • Model year sales: 14,002.
  • Henry M. Leland was president and general manager
  • D. McCall White replaced Frank Johnson as chief engineer
  • Earl C. Howard was general sales manager
  • Cadillac introduces a high-speed V-8 engine in September of 1914 for the 1915 model year
  • The last four cylinder Cadillac for 67 years; and the final use by Cadillac of Alanson Brush design features.
  • A 1914 Cadillac Touring (engine number 92,524) was awarded the 1913 Dewar Trophy as a result of electrical and two-speed-axle performance during a 1000-mile test conducted in September/October 1913.

History and data of our car:

Year of construction: 1914

Factory:  Detroit, Michigan,U.S.A.

Type: 3 passenger Landaulet Coupe

Cylinder: 4 in line, water cooled

Power: 60 PS, 90 km/h

Capacity: 6000 ccm

Gearbox: Manual, 3V + 1R and 2 speed rear axle

The following information was given by the American pre-owner, a dentist of Michigan. He died in spring 2016. The last 20 years of his life he restored the Cadillac. The car is well-known in the U.S.A. and a newspaper wrote an article about this rare beauty.


The Cadillac was delivered to John H. and Mary Phillips in Jackson, Michigan in 1914. The family had 10 children. The car was used by Mrs. Phillips.

After her death the vehicle was purchased in June 1922 by her daughter Nina Lake and her husband Ford from Dowagiac, Michigan. The car was driven regularly until the death of Ford in 1951. After that, Nina rarely used the car and finally parked it in a barn. Here the wooden frame and the interior rotted.

In 1982, after the death of Nina, Robert Huxtalk found and purchased the car. He took the vehicle to the REO Museum in Lansing, Michigan.

In 1986 it was sold to the dentist couple Dr. Elroy and Cheryl Kidle from Saranac, Michigan. In the 1980s and 1990s various restoration works were carried out.

After death of Dr. Kidle in 2016, the vehicle was acquired for my collection in September of this year. Worldwide only 3 of 50 Cadillac Landaulet Coupes survived.

After doing research work, my plan is to start with the total restoration in the near future.

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