1932 Berliet V.I.G. 9CV Canadienne 

General information:

Marius Berliet started his experiments with automobiles in 1894. Some single-cylinder cars were followed in 1900 by a twin-cylinder model. In 1902, Berliet took over the plant of Audibert & Lavirotte in Lyon. Berliet started to build four-cylinder automobiles featured by a honeycomb radiator and steel chassis frame was used instead of wood. The next year, a model was launched that was similar to contemporary Mercedes. In 1906, Berliet sold the license for manufacturing his model to the American Locomotive Company.

Before World War I, Berliet offered a range of models from 8 CV to 60 CV. The main models had four-cylinder engines and there was a six-cylinder model of 9500 cc. A 1539 cc model (12 CV) was produced between 1910 and 1912. In 1917, Berliet started to build trucks for the French Army.

From 1933, only four-cylinder models (1600 cc and 2000 cc) were offered. The last Berliet sedan, launched in October 1934, was the Berliet Dauphine 11CV powered, by a 2-litre engine. For 1939 Berliet stopped producing car bodies and the last few hundred Berliet Dauphines, produced in the first half of 1939, used the body of a Peugeot 302B with a custom made Berliet hood/bonnet and radiator grille.

History and data of our car:

Year of construction: 1932

Factory: Lyon, France

Type: 4 passenger shooting brake (woody)

Cylinder: 4 in line, water cooled

Power: 30 PS, 75 km/h

Capacity: 1600 cm

Gearbox: Manual, 4V + 1R



The chassis was built in 1932. Probably the car started life as a limousine. The rear end of the chassis was stretched and a new wooden coachwork was fitted on the existing chassis. This work was done by Georges Berthault of Manthelan/France. 1955 the car was bought by a Belgian collector. He never restored the car. After his dead in 2008 we were able to buy the car. At the same time our full restoration was started. The car was totally rebuilt to concourse condition and is now for sale.

Under restoration
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Car in Belgium
Car in Belgium
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Car in Belgium
Car in Belgium
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